Tom's CPU Architecture Shootout: 16 CPUs, One Core Each, And 3 GHz

Benchmark Results: Archiving Tools

Using 7-Zip, the differences between AMD and Intel are not incredibly significant when we standardize using a single core and 3 GHz core clock. The Pentium 4's results are horrible yet again.

WinRAR is clearly best-optimized for Intel's design. AMD’s Phenom II is as fast as a Core 2 core, but the current generation of Sandy Bridge-based chips delivers significantly more performance in this archiving application. We've refrain from commenting on the Pentium 4's showing.

WinZip is very popular app, despite the fact that it's single-threaded. It generally runs faster on Intel's processors, except for the Pentium 4's NetBurst design. If you go with AMD, pick a Phenom II that has L3 cache.