MSI Introduces its GeForce GTX 770 4 GB Graphics Card

MSI has announced a 4 GB version of its GTX 770 Gaming graphics card, which carries double the memory that the standard GTX 770 Gaming from MSI carries. Beyond the difference in memory, the card is identical to the original.

The card's GPU carries a base clock speed of 1137 MHz and a Boost clock speed of 1189 MHz. The 4 GB of GDDR5 memory runs at an effective speed of 7.0 GHz.

Cooling is taken care of by the TwinFrozr IV cooler, which on this particular card, is painted with a black and red theme. It uses a large aluminum fin stack, a number of heat pipes, and two 100 mm fans for cooling.

Pricing is expected to be around $450, though there is no word as to when the card will be available in stores.

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  • "a number of heat pipes"

    Well that is certainly useful information
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  • Actually we want the 6G GTX 780 cards :(
  • "a number of heat pipes"

    Well that is certainly useful information
  • With the upcoming next-gen consoles having effectively 8GB of VRAM (although obviously no game will use that much, since the vram is shared with the rest of the system), 4GB should be useful imo to play upcoming console ports. Titan Fall, for example, is slated to use 5GB of VRAM, so even this card won't be able to handle the full-resolution textures of that particular title.