Microsoft Apologizes For Photoshop Blunder

CNet yesterday reported that Microsoft had edited what appeared to be a stock photo of three business people for its Polish site. While the original, untouched version appears on the US website and shows an Asian man, a white woman and a black man; an edited version of the same photo appears on the Polish website and shows a white man's head on the black man's body. The black hand resting on the table remains unchanged.

When asked for comment, a Microsoft spokesperson told CNet that the company was looking into details of the situation and apologized, adding that the image had been pulled from the Polish site.

Check out the images below or read the full story here.

Image Credit: CNet News

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  • So the white American male is officially gone from American adds.
  • Other than the humorous photoshop mistake (forgetting about the hand). I don't think this is an issue. They're just targeting the local population. If they'd swapped out the other guy or the woman, this likely wouldn't have been newsworthy at all.
  • Any excuse to play the race card I guess. Shame.
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  • Smooth move exlax! But at least they fessed up and apoligized for their actions.
  • oh...and the woman in the picture was originally a man.
  • So the white American male is officially gone from American adds.