Blizzard Making World of Warcraft Magazine

While newspapers are desperately trying to figure out a way to make money online, Blizzard is taking its hugely successful and world famous MMORPG, World of Warcraft, to the printing press. With 11.5 million online subscribers, Blizzard is hoping some of those users will be interested in a quarterly title, which the company will be unveiling at this weekend's BlizzCon.

With editions in English, French, German and Spanish, the publication will be sold via subscription only through World of Warcraft Account Management or from the magazines official site. The magazine is available as a one or two-year subscription, pricing for one year is $39.95 in the U.S. and 34.95 EUR or 29.95 GBP in Europe -- two-year subscription packages cost $69.95 in the U.S., 61.25 EUR or 52.50 GBP.

The first issue will be 148-pages long and will focus on the five-year anniversary of the game. Anyone interested in purchasing? The website for the mag is set to go live on Friday so if you're just itching to subscribe, add to your bookmarks.

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  • Anonymous
    Who the heck has time to read when there is WoW to be played?!
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  • pullmyfinger123
    even though I quit WoW long time ago, i think this is a brilliant idea, of course, i just hope blizzard doens't make this magazine a walk-through of the game, instead focus on the players and the stories of the game
  • billin30
    Now the WoW nerds will have something to read while they fly from place to place...this is just kinda sad and a shameless money grab
  • billin30
    Now the WoW nerds will have something to read while they fly from place to place, not to mention a shameless money grab by sad