New Xbox 360 Priced at £150 in the UK

Though most of Microsoft's E3 keynote revolved around the upcoming Xbox One console, the company tossed diehard Xbox 360 fans a bone with the unveiling of a brand new Xbox 360. Dubbed the Xbox 360 E, Microsoft informed us that the console would be available right away and would be priced at $199.99. But what about gamers in the UK? How much would the console cost in Britain?


Microsoft didn't talk international pricing at E3 at all. Fortunately, with the console already shipping, it was only a matter of time before such information became available. GAME currently has the console listed on its website with a £149 price tag and free shipping. The release date is listed as TBD, but Crave reports that GAME actually sold 10 units for £100 at its pop-up stoe in London's Shoreditch. Not only that, but it seems the retailer was more than happy to sell the console to £149 once the special price units ran out it does appear to actually be for sale online (as opposed to up for pre-order).

The Xbox 360 was given a makeover to better fit in with the look and feel of the Xbox One. The changes to the outside of the console are cosmetic, but there are only minor differences under the hood. According to an iFixit tear down, the console has one less USB port but the case is easier to remove than on the older models. 

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  • ps3hacker12
    You have to keep in mind, tax is included in all UK prices.
  • Grandmastersexsay
    Anonymous said:
    You have to keep in mind, tax is included in all UK prices, we don't pay taxes seperately, we pay em when we buy stuff :p

    What do you mean you don't pay taxes separately? You have a horrible income tax in addition to the value added tax you are speaking of.

    I'm not quite sure what you are trying to say. Are you trying to say the VAT has to be included in the listed price?

    The US has no VAT and some states don't have any sales tax at all, but the reason everything is more expensive over there isn't just because you have high taxes. I was just reading a story on this site talking about how apple is being forced to offer a two year wwarranty for countries in the EU. Absurd regulations that stifle the free market also drastically impact your prices.

    I don't know how you can stand such a large government over there. It's bad enough in the US, but no where near what you guys must suffer.
  • intelx
    what he means is its taxes included, so out the door you pay £149 taxes included

    in the states its 199 plus %7 taxes

    same in my country, its taxes included the price on the counter thats how much you pay out the door