Comic: How to Help Someone Pick What Computer to Buy

If you're a regular reader of Tom's Hardware, then there's a good chance that you're known in your circles as the one to consult before making any computer buying decisions. It's also extremely likely that you've experienced the exchange in the Basic Instructions comic below, by Scott Meyer.


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  • realibrad
    I argued with my GF's sister, because she assured me that laptops are faster than desktops....

    It's always funny how the people who know least about tech, try and dismiss anyone who does. Oh, I don't to down load a bunch of stuff, because it uses up all my memory and it slows down my computer.
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  • blacklex
    xD so funny
  • bharatwd
    LOL...good humor for us geeks :)
  • Onus
    I used to get this cartoon...lots of funny business-related stuff. I've sent this one on to some Mac people here at work.