Digital Storm Launches HydroLux PRO Enthusiast Water Cooling

Digital Storm announced that it will be launching the second generation of HydroLux PRO water cooling systems. The company's flagship systems will be offered with HydroLux PRO cooling and each one will include a custom cable management system to round out the look of these unique systems. 

Digital Storm said that the hard acrylic and copper tubing options offer long term durability and a sleek look. The company said the new HydroLux PRO high-performance cooling system features hard acrylic or copper tubing and includes 45-degree and 90-degree angled fittings to avoid bending the tubing, which Digital Storm said can make them fragile. The company said these flagship systems also include quick disconnect fittings for easy hardware replacement.

Digital Storm PC's with the new improved HydroLux PRO water cooling will be available on January 27. Pricing will vary depending on the hardware configuration.

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