HP Looking at Android for Netbooks

With all the talk of Windows 7 and how Microsoft will have a version of the OS specifically designed for netbooks, it’s refreshing to hear that notebook manufacturers are still considering other operating systems for upcoming netbooks.

Reports of the company’s interest in Android first reported in the Wall Street Journal, and the HP has since confirmed that it is looking the Google OS for both netbooks and smartphones.

Reuters today reports that, while a HP spokeswoman said only that company was studying Android to "understand all of the OS choices in the marketplace that might be used by our competitors, or that might possibly be of value to our customers too," the company stopped short of committing to the OS and instead added, "We want to assess the capabilities that Android might present for the computer and communications industries."

Since there are no license fees for Android, it would be an ideal candidate for HP if it were to offer a netbook aimed at competing on price.

The news comes following numerous reports about Microsoft’s Windows 7 Starter Edition possibly enabling $200 netbooks. While Windows 7 Starter Edition is the cheapest option, many have raised concerns about the version which reportedly limits the user to have only three programs running at once. Microsoft has said before that it would like for users of lesser versions of Windows 7 to upgrade and such limits would quickly produce results.

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  • hellwig
    My Android G1 runs a ARM-based processor. Is there an x86 version of Android or are we talking about shying away from Intel and Via, possibly towards NVIDIA's Tegra or some other ARM processor for netbooks??
  • Anonymous
    that sounds strange. why not just use a normal distribution of linux.
  • kyeana
    is this legit or an april first joke?