Oculus VR Gets $75 Million in New Round of Funding

Oculus VR, the makers of virtual reality head-mounted display Oculus Rift, have secured $75 million in funding that will help the company finish off the consumer version of the gaming accessory. Venture Beat's Dean Takahashi reports that the round of funding comes from  VC firm Andreessen Horowitz. Andreessen Horowitz was founded by Netscape founder Marc Andreessen and his business partner Ben Horowitz in July of 2009. 


Oculus VR says it will use the money to hire more staff as well as for building a commercial version of the virtual reality headgear. At the moment, the product isn't available to consumers and is still in development.

Oculus VR last month celebrated the arrival of id Software cofounder John Carmack as CTO. Carmack joined the company in August but remained at id Software in addition to his new role at Oculus VR. He handed in his resignation at id Software in late November. That, combined with this new round of funding, will go a long way towards the company achieving its goals. Not bad for a Kickstarter project, eh?

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  • gmarsack
    This is good news. Can't wait to get mine when it's available to the public!
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  • gmarsack
    This is good news. Can't wait to get mine when it's available to the public!
  • Fluffy Thedestroyer
    The oculus rift is nice but I wounder how many dev's and game company will implement it cause it wont be cheap...lots of things will have to change. Just think about it, just the main menu on how it looks will have to change. Can you also imagine with the oculus rift...if I don't want to view that cut scene then all you have to do is turn your head lmao.. as in...fuck off, your not interesting enough for me lmao
  • obiown77
    I just wanna play my modded skyrim with these.....droooooool!!!!!