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New, Boxed Cooler For The P4 From 3.06 GHz Up

The Iceman Cometh: P4 at 4.1 GHz

The design of the new, high quality boxed cooler from Intel is more complex than ever. The price is expected to be just over $40. The CPU subsidizes the cooler.

P4 And Pushing The Limit: Power Consumption At 342 W

Temperature of the cooling system (a combination of the CPU die temperature and the coolant temperature) taking into account the thermal resistance.

We reckoned that we would need 207 W just to make sure that the processor would remain stable at 4 GHz. The Chip Con cooler unit accounts for between 130 and 200 W. We also have to add the consumption of the overclocked P4 processor, which is an impressive 135 W at 1.725 V and 4025 MHz. This results in a total of 342 W just to run the CPU. If the system is used for heavy 3D graphics, the total consumption (computer and cooler) could well exceed 400 W. It should now be quite clear that this is a recipe for sending a run of the mill power supply up in smoke. Indeed, one branded power supply performed this particular trick during our tests.

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