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Page Load Reliability Benchmarks

Web Browser Grand Prix VIII: Chrome 16, Firefox 9, And Mac OS X

In our Windows 7 proper page-load test, Firefox and Opera defend their reputations as rock-solid Web browsers, both displaying less than two failed elements in our 40-tab test, tying for first place. Safari comes in second, displaying fewer than four failed pages. And Chrome places third with just over five failures. That's a marked improvement over recent versions. IE9 again displays a serious problem when attempting to simultaneously render multiple Web pages, as more than half of its pages suffer missing or broken elements.

The order remains largely the same in Mac OS X, with Opera taking the lead by displaying only two failures. Firefox comes in a close second by averaging less than three failures. Chrome again displays around five failures, placing third. Surprisingly, Safari drops to last place by showing us nearly seven failures (more than its Windows version).

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