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Benchmark Results: Iometer

Can You Get More Space Or Speed From Your SSD?

In the database workload, our freshly SE'ed drives actually outperform the tweaked drives.

Intel's X25-M is hit harder than OCZ's Vertex 2; the X25-M's performance is nearly cut in half across all tested queue depths. Meanwhile, the Vertex 2 at least stays pretty consistent throughout the different queue depths.

Intel's X25-M gets slammed by the same performance drop in our file server benchmark. OCZ's Vertex 2 is largely unaffected after the various tweaks.

There are minor differences between drives in the Web server workload. Intel's X25-M turns things around a bit, showing a slight performance increase, while the OCZ Vertex 2 takes a minor hit after all of the tweaks are applied. 

The workstation workload demonstrates similar results as the file server test. Mainly, Intel's performance is almost cut in half. OCZ's Vertex 2 isn't affected much at all.

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