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Sony's On-Demand Services: Music Unlimited And Video Unlimited

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Music Unlimited

There are two on-demand services for music and video. On-demand music is available from two subscription plans: basic ($3.99 per month) and premium ($9.99 per month). These are comparable to what Rhapsody offers. You get access to six million tracks from Sony Music Entertainment, Universal, EMI, and Warner, and the product is available on Sony's own devices, including the PlayStation 3, its Blu-ray players, Bravia televisions, and Vaio PCs. If you're loyal to Sony, you get one subscription for all of your devices at a reasonable price.

Video Unlimited

Video Unlimited is a pay-as-you-go service. You select the shows you want and buy them outright or rent them. This is functionally equivalent to services like Amazon Video. If you're already a Netflix subscriber, that's completely different because you're already paying a fixed fee per month for video access. Really, the only reason to bother with Video Unlimited is if you're using multiple Sony devices, as its availability is the same as Music Unlimited.

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