Epic Continues To Release Free Assets: Showdown VR Demo Available Now

Epic Games first made the Unreal Engine, and all of its subsequent assets, available at no cost to developers and creators in order to make designing high-fidelity 3D environments, experiences and games more accessible. Today, the company has expanded on that theme and released the Showdown VR experience for anyone with an Oculus developer kit to try, along with all of the assets for creators to work with. Epic said the demo will work with the newer version of Oculus, as well as Sony Morpheus and HTC's Vive headset.

Showdown is a bullet-time inspired cinematic action scene. It features flying slow-motion bullets, and burning cars and a huge mech-like enemy baring down on you. The demo has been featured at GDC, VRLA, SIGGRAPH and other shows, and it is now available for anyone to try.

To download the project and assets, open the Learn tab on the Epic Games Launcher. All of the Showdown content is available now.

Epic Games developers will be live on Twitch at 2pm ET on September 3 talking about the creation and release of Showdown. You can tune in at twitch.tv/unrealengine.

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