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Transcend SSD370 Review

Transcend's premium SSD offering consists of a custom Silicon Motion controller that enables encryption and DEVSLP, but questionable flash makes it a poor choice.

Data Type Comparison

We have two new drives on the bench today: the Transcend SSD370 512GB and the Transcend SSD370 256GB version. We're using the 512GB capacity size to compare to other 512GB-class products currently on the market.

We used Anvil's Storage Utilities test to look for differences in performance with data types. The SSD370 is a custom controller but is based on a design that does not use compression, to ease wear on the flash. We can report that incompressible and compressible data pass through the SSD370 at the same rate. Users working with previously compressed data like JPEGs or video files will not see a reduction in performance with those types of data.

Chris Ramseyer is a Contributing Editor for Tom's Hardware US. He tests and reviews consumer storage.