Seven Injured in Explosion At Intel's Arizona Plant

Reports say three people have been hospitalized and one severely burned following a blast at Intel’s Arizona fab. Three more injured members of staff were treated at the scene and released yesterday afternoon. Fire officials are describing the incident as a ‘small blast’ and ‘flash explosion,’ while an Intel spokesman referred to it as a ‘small fire.’

According to authorities, the fire occurred in a self-contained room that held petroleum-based solvents. Production is said to be unaffected by the explosion, which officials say took place in a support building at the Intel site in Chandler. Reuters cites a spokesperson that says the site of the fire was under construction at the time.

Chandler Fire Department Battalion Chief Brad Miller told Reuters that an automatic extinguishing system quickly took care of flames with a mix of water and foam and the building, a 3000-square-foot, single-level structure, was evacuated along with another nearby building.

Read the full story here.

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  • mayne92
    Mario75power?what power?from amd cpu's? talking about amd cpu's TDP..yep,i guess you right,since amd cpu's ages behind Intel's..well,at least Intel knows that BOBdozzer wont reach even 4ghz on air,since they simply burning xDand Intels 4core still beat crap of amd 8core - amd cpu's must be burning from shame xDQuality (Intel) over quantity (amd) any day.Oh,and dont forget about amd promises and delays LOL And amd still talking,delayed 4 times..and i see 5th coming,what can you expect from such "company" like amd? xD

    My IQ dropped trying to read this...
  • tacoslave
    Damn, I guess even intel couldnt contain that much awesome.
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  • fyasko
    Everything in Arizona is burning... maybe they should see if the fire came from mexico...
  • _Pez_
    ja ja ! what kind of fire from mexico ?, rocks ? I'm from méxico and the goverment of here must be detroyed doesnt USA own our land that would be great LOL
  • tacoslave
    Damn, I guess even intel couldnt contain that much awesome.