Report: Intel to Supply Chips to Nokia

Several publications today report that Intel and Nokia will announce a new deal during a conference call set to take place Tuesday. Bloomberg reports, citing an insider who preferred not to be named, that Intel senior mobility VP Anand Chandrasekher will make the big announcement.

Rumors about a Nokia netbook or MID have been doing the rounds for a while. With every company under the sun making netbooks (remember that offering from light bulb people?) it wouldn’t exactly be a huge shock to see something from the Finnish company. However, most assumed the company would end up offering an a ARM-powered device. Now it looks like we’ll see something based on Intel’s Atom processor.

If the rumors are true, Intel is probably feeling pretty pleased with itself. The company has been trying to put its chips in mobile phones for ages and Nokia is one of the biggest cell phone manufacturers in the world. Will Strauss, a Cave Creek, Arizona-based analyst for research firm Forward Concepts spoke to Bloomberg about the magnitude of the deal, saying that even if Intel only garnered a piece of Nokia’s business, it’s still a big deal.

Neither Intel or Nokia have a released a comment on the report.

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  • erigolhuhu
    Nokia already have the best phones in the mkt ...
    I hope this will make them even better !
  • sujeath_99
    Oh great, i was hoping that they would wait for tegra.
  • sujeath_99
    Oh great, i was hoping that they would wait for tegra.