Apple Reveals WWDC Keynote Will Take Place on June 10

Apple has announced that its keynote address for WWDC will take place on Monday, June 10. Not exactly unexpected since the keynote is routinely on the day that the conference commences, but it's now been confirmed. AllThingsD reports that the speakers for the keynote haven't yet been announced, so it's hard to predict what Apple will talk about during the event. Once the company confirms the speakers, we'll have a better idea of what to expect.


Apple confirmed its plans for WWDC back in April. The World Wide Developer Conference focuses mainly on iOS and OS X development; however, in past years, Apple has used the event as a stage for announcing new iterations of the iPhone. Despite the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S being announced in the fall, it's thought Apple might announced the iPhone 5S at WWDC in time for a July release. This would (presumably) put the iPhone back on its old summer update cycle. There's also talk of a vastly different version of iOS. It's thought that iOS 7 will ditch some of the skeuomorphism and go with a flatter, simpler aesthetic for the UI.

WWDC 2013 will kick off June 10 and run through to June 14. The event will, as usual, take place at San Francisco's Moscone West. Tickets for WWDC cost $1,600 and the conference will feature 100 technical sessions from Apple engineers, over 100 hands-on labs (with more than 1,000 Apple engineers to provide assistance), the latest on OS X and iOS developments, lunchtime sessions, and the Apple Design Awards.

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  • Anonymous
    Please no I can't take another Iphone announcement the 5S really, it will look the same, be the same phone with just a speed bump internally. So glad I dropped off that wagon with the 4. Waiting on the Galaxy Note 3 truly the phone to beat this year come this Fall.
  • icemunk
    Apple who?
  • bartosz trzaska
    go to helll ! iphone 4 had this feature tweanty years ago ,i wont buy this outdated crap ...:PP