Microsoft Investigating Windows Phone 8 Issues

Microsoft has confirmed it is investigating reports pertaining to several issues plaguing some Windows Phone 8 devices.

Owners of such devices have been complaining of reboots and email sync issues without being prompted. HTC and Nokia users appears to be the main victims. "We are currently investigating reports of these incidents," said Microsoft in a statement.

Users are pointing towards the Skype for Windows Phone 8 preview app as being the source of the issues in question. It's said that uninstalling the application resolves the problems.

That said, other users have reported that they've been experiencing problems before the release of the Skype preview, which launched last week. Microsoft-owned Skype responded to the reports by referring queries to the Windows Phone 8 team.

Nokia Lumia 920 owners in particular have complained about battery life issues and handsets becoming bricked upon attempting a factory reset.


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  • SteelCity1981
    Lokking like Windows 8 in generel is shaping up to be a real winner...
  • robochump
    Ouch, hopefully MS can resolve this bug. Wonder what the percentage of users affected is? Prolly small number but bad press is bad press.
  • lilsanta
    I'm proud of my nokia 822. no issues :)