Evga Brings Titanium Label To Its Sub-1000 W PSUs

CES just ended, but Evga is already here announcing new products. Today, these are the SuperNova 1000, 850, and 750 T2 power supplies, which, you guessed it, have power envelopes of 1000 W, 850 W, and 750 W, respectively.

The SuperNova T2 series was launched roughly a year ago, starting with the SuperNova 1600 T2. These units are the most high-end power-supplies that Evga makes and come with an impressive Titanium 80-Plus label. Of course, not everybody wants to buy a 1600 W PSU in order to obtain a PSU with a Titanium label, so Evga built lower-power units, too.

On the U.S. grid, 80 Plus Titanium PSUs are required to be 94 percent efficient or higher, whereas in 220-240V grids this number is bumped to 96 percent.

The SuperNova 1000, 850, and 750 T2 units follow in the footsteps of their older brothers, with matching feature sets. They are all fully modular and have an Eco mode that turns off the fan when temperatures drop below the 45°C threshold. Their internal design is built on a single powerful 12V rail, which takes the guesswork out of spreading loads (granted, multiple 12V rails are becoming a thing of the past). A 140 mm fan with a dual-ball bearing takes care of cooling.

Unsurprisingly, they also have all the protection mechanisms we’ve come to expect from power supplies these days, including overvolt, undervolt, over-power, short-circuit, over-current, and overheating protections.

The OEM that Evga normally uses for its PSUs is the Taiwan-based Super-Flower, and these units are no exception. For the capacitors, SuperFlower and Evga exclusively use Japanese solid-state capacitors for reliability and longevity reasons.

Pricing sits at $279.99, $239.99, and $219.99 for the SuperNova 1000, 850, and 750 T2 power supplies, respectively. They can be purchased directly from Evga and will be making their way to the usual resellers soon. These are steep prices, but note that they do come with a 10-year warranty, so even if you’re unlucky enough to have one go bad, Evga’s still got your back.

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  • toddybody
    How does SuperFlower compare to other OEMs? Is Seasonic still "the best"? PSU OEM ranking is still nebulous to me.
  • AdviserKulikov
    SuperFlower is a top tier OEM for PSUs. Good to see they continue pushing out top tier equipment at reasonable prices.
  • dstarr3
    SuperFlower is among the best, if not the best.