QOTD: What Determines Your Upgrade Cycle?

Keeping your PC up to date is expensive, which is why most of us choose to build a new PC at a specific point in time. Throughout its lifetime, we may perform CPU, GPU and RAM upgrades, but at a certain point we decide that it's time to start completely fresh with a brand new box.

At which point do you decide that it's time for an upgrade, either a full overhaul or just a simple drop in/swap part?

In other words, for our QOTD, we'd like to know from you exactly what determines your upgrade cycle?

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  • dravis12
    My current/future financial situation.
  • alantlchan
    After a significant price drop on the parts I want to upgrade.
  • mcnuggetofdeath
    Whether I really and truly want to play a game well. At the moment, nothing intrigues me and I can play 90% of what I play at or close to max settings. Since there havent been any major releases recently that i wanted, Its been awhile. Also not having money puts a damper on that sort of thing. Currently waiting for DX11 cards.
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  • the_one111
    If I can play games at "medium" settings and have no lag than I am good. When my system is unable to play games at medium settings it is time for a upgrade.
  • dravis12
    My current/future financial situation.
  • Irrenhaus
    Other than been able to play games at a normal or decent resolution....Having The Money To Upgrade....:')