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3D Games, Continued

AMD Launches Athlon Processor at 1300 and 1333 MHz

Unreal Tournament is also a very popular game, but somehow it doesn't seem to like Pentium 4 as much as Id's Quake 3. Pentium 4 is left quite a bit behind each of the four Athlons.

Unreal Tournament is not limited by the graphics card, but by the processor, so that the results are hardly changing at the higher resolution and true color. Athlon is clearly the better processor for UT.

The DirectX7 game Evolva shows once more that Athlon is the better choice for 3D-gamers. There's of course no doubt that the 640x480 resolution is a little used as frame rates above 200 fps are required for smooth game play, but one fact remains: Athlon beats Pentium 4.

Once dot3-bump mapping is enabled and the resolution is cranked up to 1024x768 and true color, the 3D-card is once more the limiting factor and all processors score the same results.

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