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Supreme Commander, UT3, Warhammer

System Builder Marathon: Sub-$4000 PC

At default settings, Supreme Commander favors the 8800 GTX SLI set from our March Marathon.

Increasing fidelity and turning on anti-aliasing results in only a tiny performance impact, with Supreme Commander still favoring the older graphics cards over the newer set. Both configurations are perfectly playable at the maximum resolution of most 24” displays.

UT3 also favors a pair of 8800 GTX graphics cards over the current 9800 GX2 SLI configuration, but again both solutions run well at all resolutions.

Warhammer puts the theory of 9800 GX2 SLI superiority to rest. We want our 8800 GTX set back, and could have easily bought three 8800 GTX graphics cards for the price of two 9800 GX2’s.

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