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9 Grams Every 40 Seconds Yields A Cup

Extreme Modding: When The Computer Makes Coffee

The reservoir for the coffee beans is made of a shortened plastic bottle - there was no other way to make it work.

Typically, a single espresso requires 9 grams of pre-ground coffee. This is the standard amount in professional circles. To save money, however, the amount of coffee can be reduced to 6 grams per cup. This can be done without a noticeable change in flavor and without the coffee tasting bitter. In restaurants, such practices are a proven means of increasing efficiency. The system can make a cup of high quality espresso every 40 seconds. That would mean that in the course of a day, 2,160 cups of coffee could theoretically be brewed, providing the coffee beans were continually refilled.

Here we can see the motor for the coffee press

A glance at the brewing unit - the coffee grounds have just been ejected.
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