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Building Your Beast

System Builder Marathon Bonus: Newegg Customer Choice PC

Updated and republished in 2010, our classic PC building guide outlines all of the basic steps needed in order to get this PC’s hardware installed. We’ll outline the few unique traits of this case, however.

Antec’s Nine Hundred uses two three-bay adapter cages to hold up to six 3.5” hard drives, but did not originally support any 2.5” drives. Rather than include 2.5”-to-3.5” adapters, Antec simply added holes and grommets to hold a single SSD below its bottom drive cage. The photo shows the SSD with the drive cage removed, and the SSD is attached using long M3-0.50 (small drive) screws through the Nine Hundred’s bottom plate.

This is the part we removed for the previous photo, complete with the system’s single 3.5” disk installed. Wires hanging from the back supply power to a front intake fan, and the drive itself is secured to the sides this cage using long #6-32 UTS (big drive) screws.

Nvidia's SLI bridge connector is this PC’s final deviation from methods described in our building guide. That's the little blue card visible on the left side of the above photo. It simply fits over the gold fingers atop each card, in the shown orientation.

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