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Benchmark Results: Battlefield 3

Battle At $140: Can An APU Beat An Intel CPU And Add-In Graphics?

Battlefield 3's single-player campaign mode is almost completely dependent on graphics performance, so our benchmark is a great mechanism for comparing raw graphics potential. In contrast, the multi-player maps (particularly when you get into 32- and 64-player matches) tax host processing a lot more.

Not surprisingly, the Pentium and Radeon HD 6670 push the fastest frame rates. Let's take a closer look at performance over time.

As we expected, performance scales linearly with graphics alacrity in Battlefield 3. The overclocked A8-3870 comes fairly close to the discrete card, but none of these solutions are really ideal, since we had to drop all the way down to 1024x768 at Low details in order to generate playable frame rates. As with Metro 2033, this title demands a more capable combination of components before it's truly enjoyable.

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