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Tablet S: A Keyboard With A Number Pad

Sony Tablet S Review: The Media Enthusiast's Dream Tablet

Thankfully, Sony put some thought into its virtual keyboard layout. The left and right arrow keys are particularly helpful because they give you an easy way to select a mistyped letter within a word or URL.

On other tablets, you're forced to precisely tap the screen to drop the cursor into the right place. From experience, this can be frustrating enough that it's easier to simply delete everything you just wrote back to the error and start all over again.

When you're prompted for a password, the keyboard automatically expands to include a number pad, similar to what you see on a full-sized desktop keyboard. Many passwords contain (or should contain) at least one number or special character, almost always forcing us to toggle back and forth between keyboard screens using a function key. The number pad makes this process less painful, and it goes away once you navigate away from the password field.

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