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Creating A RAID 5 Array

Using WindowsXP to Make RAID 5 Happen

You now must reboot your system. Back in Windows, launch the management console and go to disk management. Here, all disk drives intended to be used in our RAID 5 array need to be converted to dynamic drives. After that, right-clicking one of the drives will open a context menu that allows a new volume to be created:

After modifying the files as shown above, WindowsXP is capable of supporting RAID 5 in software.

We used four Western Digital WD740 Raptor drives for our test array.

The following option windows...

... do not differ whether you create an array or a simple volume.

As soon as Windows finishes creating the array, the RAID 5 will be available under Windows just as any other hard drive. That also include the option to grant individual or group-based permissions and share folders.

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