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Benchmark Results: Productivity

Intel Xeon E3-1275 Review: Sandy Bridge Goes Professional

FineReader 10 is an OCR app—there’s no real reason that one of these setups should be any faster than the others. And yet, the Core i7-based machines turn in the better performance.

For the same reason we wouldn’t expect much differentiation in ABBYY FineReader, there’s no architectural explanation for the Xeon’s one-second advantage in WinRAR. This is a threaded benchmark that we’d expect to run just as well on Intel’s Core i7-2600K as the Xeon E3-1275.

You’ve been asking for a compile test, so we built one using Visual Studio 2010. I’m throwing it in here since it’s relevant in a workstation context. But if course it’s not going to show any difference between these three 3.4 GHz setups capable of running at up to 3.8 GHz each.

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