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Inno3D's GeForce GTX 260 with FreezerX2

Inno3D is offering PC enthusiasts double the cooling and a better value for the buck with its new GeForce GTX 260 with FreezerX2

For gamers who desire cheap, fast love but can't take the heat, then Inno3D's new GeForce GTX 260 with FreezerX2 may be just the ticket. Packed with a triple heat pipe cooling system and two neon orange fans that look like possessed cat eyes, Inno3D's GTX 260 offers the 2nd generation of Nvidia's unified architecture (manufactured at 55nm)--and cranking out 50 percent more processing power than the first generation- that's easy on the wallet. 

"The Inno3D GeForce GTX 260 with FreezerX2 achieves up to 15 percent cooling performance that allows better gaming performance," said the company. "With outstanding performance and extreme gameplay, we are definitely hanging on the edge of our seats to see what is installed in 2009."

Both 8cm ball-bearing PWM fans utilize what Inno3D calls direct heatpipe touch technology, meaning that the heat-pipes are in direct contact with the processors, minimizing thermal resistance. In this case, three heat-pipes set against the processor, with one crossing between both fans and distributing the heat on the other side while the other two pipes are mounted on the outside of each fan. Additionally, each fan consists of fins mounted 2mm apart.

Of course, the cooling aspect isn't the only highlight. While the card features lower power consumption at 175W, gamers feel the benefit not only from a cooler system, but from Nvidia's GeForce technology. Supporting PhysX and CUDA, the GeForce GPU accelerates dynamic physical motion and interaction as well as deliver up to 7x performance over traditional CPUs while transcoding video. With that said, the GTX 260 should be idea for both gamers and video editors.

Additionally, the card also boasts 16x anti-aliasing, 128-bit floating point HDR, Nvidia's Lumenex Engine, SLI technology, GigaThread and more. Based on the card's specs, it features 896 MB memory, graphics clock of 576Mhz, processor clock of 1242Mhz, memory clock of 2000Mhz, and a 448 bit memory interface.

So where can one pick up this orange-eyed beast, and how much is it really? That's a good question, and at the time of this writing, it was difficult to find. However, other similar cards by EVGA, XFX and BFG Tech range around $230 to $275.

  • bustapr
    Sounds nice, but i'd like to see benchmarks on this card overclocked.
  • alvine
    So it has two gpus on a single pcb? Gotta give them kudos for that
  • alvine
    ^ I'm sorry im retarded I thought thats gtx 295.....
  • grieve
    Indeed, sounds look a nice stalk cooling solution.
  • quovatis
    Would be nice if it actually directed airflow out the vent in the back.
  • pocketdrummer
    hard to find... cool... where did you find it though?