Intel Adds 3 New Value CPUs

Three new value processors have been released by Intel: a quad-core, a dual-core and a Celeron.

Intel has updated its pricing sheet for processors Monday and although prices have not changed, three new value processors have been added.

The Core 2 Duo Q8200, the most expensive of the three new processors, is now the most affordable 45nm quad-core by Intel, priced at $224. The Q8200’s low price comes at the sacrifice of performance however, having just 4 MB of L2 cache and a 2.33 GHz clock-rate. While the Q8200 features a 1333 MHz FSB and 95W TDP, it lacks Intel’s Trusted Execution Technology and seems to lack Intel’s Virtualization Technology as well.

In comparison to the Q8200, the older 65nm Q6600 is less expensive than the Q8200, priced at $193, has an L2 cache twice the size of the Q8200, includes Intel’s Virtualization Technology and has a faster clock-rate of 2.4 GHz. The Q6600’s lower FSB speed of 1066 MHz gives more room for overclocking too.

Another new processors from Intel is the 45nm dual-core E5200, priced at $84. This processor does have quite a bit of potential and should excite many budget-buyers and overclockers. With 2 MB of L2 cache, a 2.5 GHz clock-rate, a 65W TDP and a 800 MHz FSB, it not only should make for an excellent overclocker, but it should also set a new milestone for value. According to Intel’s online data-sheets, the E5200 will be branded as a Pentium processor, though the pricing sheet has it as a Core Duo 2 processor.

The last new processor of the three is the uninspiring Celeron 450, priced at $53. Featuring what you would expect from a Celeron product: the processor has 512 KB of L2 Cache, a 2.20 GHz clock-rate, a 800 MHz FSB, and uses 65 nm technology. It does not look like it is even a dual-core processor, rather just a single-core processor, but at least it has a low TDP of just 35 W. Maybe it could compete with Intel’s Atom processors?

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  • zenmaster
    The Q6600 has a TDP of 95w.

    It likely uses more power than the Q8200 since you can't really judge a CPUs power consumption solely on it's TDP Rating.
  • Anonymous
    B3 Stepping of Q6600 had a TDP of 105, G0 (and later ?) Stepping of Q6600 has 95 TDP (and is a better overclocker).