Stewie and Brian Announce Win 7 Movie, Sort of

Whether you think it's boring, a bad attempt at humor, or just plain bad, it's definitely an ad for Windows 7. No doubt about it. This next clip is a little different. Sure, I SEE the Windows 7 logo at the beginning and yeah, it's called "Family Guy Windows 7 Movie Introduction" but there are exactly zero mentions of Microsoft, Windows 7, Office, or Twitter.

Maybe this is an attempt to show people that yes, MacFarlane and the folks at Microsoft and Fox are advertising Windows 7 but the show isn't just going to be a constant stream of marketing buzzwords. Let us know if the clip below changes your mind about watching the show!

Family Guy Windows 7 Movie Introduction

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  • ssalim
    Funny meter: 4/10
  • gamerjames
    Ehh... :\
  • El_Capitan
    It's hard to hide that you were watching porn on a Mac, hopefully they'll cover that in the show/movie.