Logitech Announces Mice With "Darkfield" Tech

We like optical mice and wouldn't dream of going back to the old, mechanical ball and roller ways – unless if we're trying to use our mice on a surface that's difficult to track on. Those of us with fancy glass desks know that getting an optical mouse to work on glass is a futile effort without the addition of a mousepad. Thanks to Logitech's new "Darkfield" technology, tracking on glass is now possible.

Logitech today announced two new premium mice, the Anywhere Mouse MX and the Performance Mouse MX, that will track on clear glass at least 4 mm thick as well as lacquered desks.

Perhaps just as good news is that these new mice also work with Logitech's unified USB nano receiver.

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  • Major7up
    I never have had glass but good to know, I am thinking about getting glass tops to protect my cherry desk and this would be really nice to have!
  • ubernoobie
    Well I guess not for gamers
  • Greg_77
    What's its DPI. Could be a descent gaming mouse for those who prefer wireless.