Swiftech Reveals its New Flagship CPU Water Block

Water cooling component manufacturer Swiftech has announced a new water block, the Apogee XL. This water block is a new CPU block and, as is always the intention with product refreshes, claims to be better than the previous model. The Apogee XL is said to get your CPU running 1.0ºC cooler than the older Apogee HD water block. It'll also restrict flow by 10 percent less.

Swiftech has opted for G1/4" threads, which will make the water block compatible with pretty much all G1/4" fittings, the most widely adopted fitting sizes. The Apogee XL also comes with four different interchangeable color plates, behind which users will find an LED illuminating the Swiftech logo along with a few accents.

"The Apogee XL is manufactured in high volume since it will also be at the core of the upcoming and highly anticipated H220-X CPU cooling kit, and because of these economies of scale, we are able to offer it for sale at a very reasonable $64.95 MSRP," said Gabriel Rouchon, Swiftech's chairman and CEO.

The unit is immediately available.

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  • N.Broekhuijsen
    Swiftech's new Apogee XL water block is even cooler than the previous generation.

    Swiftech Reveals its New Flagship CPU Water Block : Read more
  • jasonelmore
    Not much cheaper than the old blocks. maybe $5. Plus this looks to be made out almost entirely of delrin (cheap plastic), instead of metal like the older blocks.
  • cemerian
    Hope it performs better than my alphacool nexxxos sp3