Windows 8 Has an 'Immersive' UI Browsing Mode

As we saw with the Windows 8 welcome screen, Microsoft is taking cues from its mobile OS Windows Phone 7 in the design of its next big desktop OS.

WinSuperSite now has some images showing a new Internet Explorer-powered UI mode that is being referred to as "Immersive." A big clue to what the Immersive UI will be like is Internet Explorer, which takes on a look that's much like the IE Mobile browser in Windows Phone.

The Internet Explorer Immersive mode in current builds is locked to a view that is at 640x480, indicating its not-yet-finished state. It's likely that this UI and browsing mode is meant for touch-based form factors, such as a tablet.

The browser software works, and has features such as browser history implemented and executed in ways very similar to Windows Phone 7.

Discuss more about this and other Windows 8 features here!

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  • crinkdude
    Windows phone for PC
  • memadmax
    Ok, but, isn't that what "Ease of Access" for?

    And why would anyone need that on a desktop, except for people that are already using "Ease of Access"??????
  • m0j0j0j0
    crinkdudeWindows phone for PC

    lol just what everyone wants!!!!

    i wonder if it will support copy/paste in the initial release, or just add the feature later like windows phone 7