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Enermax Pro87+ 500 W

Bang For Your Buck: Four 500 W Power Supplies Reviewed
By , Patrick Afschar

As the only PSU in the roundup with an 80 PLUS Gold certification, the Enermax Pro87+ makes an immediate impression. One must search long and hard to find a PSU with such outstanding energy efficiency in the sub-$150 range, although we found that this product isn't currently available in all markets.

The Enermax Pro87+ is also a visual treat. Enermax chose to go with a gold-colored theme on both the packaging and the PSU itself. Even the fan blades have an aureate sheen.

Speaking of the fan, a nifty feature of the Enermax Pro87+ is that the fan continues to spin for 30 to 60 seconds even after the computer is shut down. This is supposed to increase the lifespan of sensitive components by evacuating residual heat from the computer case. We also like the Cord-Guard safety device that prevents you (or more likely your pet/kid/mother) from accidentally disconnecting the power cord. This is simple, but reliable.

The Enermax Pro87+ deliberately refrains from any sort of cable management or modularity. Thanks to the included Velcro cable ties, at least any unused cables can be tied up a bit so they don't impede air flow as much. Users who value the modular cable concept must resort to the Modu87+ series instead.

At least the cable length here is generous. The number of connectors is standard. In addition to the 24-pin ATX power supply and CPU connectors, you get two PCIe, six SATA, and five four-pin Molex connectors.

Enermax PRO87+
AC Input100-240V, 50-60 Hz
DC Output+3.3 V+5 V+12 V (#1)+12 V (#2)+12 V (#3)+12 V (#4)-12 V+5 Vsb
20 A20 A25 A25 A25 A 0.5 A3 A
Individual Output     5W15W
Rail UtilizationSysSysCPU & VGA
Combined Output100 W492 W
Total Continuous Output500 W
Peak Output550 W
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