Best Virtual Reality HMDs

It’s hard to imagine a more difficult buying decision than one in a new product category like virtual reality, especially when innovation seems to be happening in the blink of an eye. We’ll witness many changes in VR platforms in the coming years, including significant enhancements to the VR ecosystem, like eye tracking inside HMDs, peripherals and controllers that add more realism to games, hand and gesture tracking, and various forms of precision body tracking.

These are the early days of VR and you’d be excused for sitting on the sidelines for a while. For one thing, the cost of entry is nothing to sneeze at. On top of the already steep cost for your HMD, you’ll need a powerful gaming PC just to get started. For the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive, you’ll need a GTX 970 or R9 290 or better on the GPU side of things. The current generation of mid-range GPUs, AMD's RX 480 and Nvidia’s GTX 1060, should provide an enjoyable experience, which brings the cost of a VR-ready system down a little bit, but you still need a powerful CPU. If you don’t have a modern Intel Core i5 or i7, or one of AMD's top chips, you’ll be due for an upgrade to achieve enjoyable performance in VR.

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Still, the first generation of virtual reality hardware already delivers an incredibly compelling and indescribable experience. If you’re not afraid of being an early technology adopter, and you want to have a front row seat to the next wave of gaming and computing experiences, today’s options are definitely worth considering.

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  • thetwitt
    This is indeed a great insight to the world of Virtual Reality Head mounted devices. It helped me and guided me to buy my first ever headset that helped me to taste the technology.
  • Jeff Fx
    The Oculus price should be the same as the Vive or more. You have the price from when the Rift lacked the controllers that are essential to PC VR.
  • Slandaro
    The rift now does a wonderful job of letting you walk around a huge area now too and multiple sensors can even be added if you want I purchased it yesterday after test driving the vive and ill be honest for quality of graphics feel of headset and its new hand controllers are amazing. oh and at a price tag of 499 for the rift and 100 more for the hand controllers well worth it it also includes an xbox controller with wireless sensor which as a gamer sometimes I like the feel of a normal controller but the rifts new vr hand controllers are frankly amazing and fit well I hope this helps people. p.s. I suggest going to the Microsoft store and checking them both out if possible for me the rift was just a better fit and I thought it had the quality hands down. but that's just my opinion good luck guys and gals see you in the virtual world! oh and I should mention I'm running one of the higher end gtx 970's GeForce and it runs it beautifully with not a single issue.. course the rest of my pc is very high end but as far as graphics card mine is the bottom of their requirements and it doesn't play like its the bottom its smooth as anything non vr ive played and I can play most games at full specs at 75+ fps..