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PeaceKeeper, Acid3, And DOM

Web Browser Grand Prix: The Top Five, Tested And Ranked

Futuremark PeaceKeeper

PeaceKeeper is a free online synthetic browser benchmark by Futuremark, the maker of popular Windows benchmarking software 3DMark. It tests browser performance independent of your network connection and creates a synthetic number representing the accumulated results of the tests. PeaceKeeper is cross-platform and can be used to compare scores between various browsers across different operating systems. We ran PeaceKeeper three times and averaged the results to achieve a final score.

Opera dominates the PeaceKeeper tests, followed closely by Chrome. Safari and Firefox place a very close third and fourth while Internet Explorer wheezes to the finish line with a score of nearly one fourth that of Mozilla and Apple.


The Acid3 test isn't a performance benchmark. Acid3 checks a browsers adherence to Web standards. Since the outcome will remain the same on each run, we only needed to run this test once per browser.

The images below show how a successfully-completed Acid3 test is supposed to look, followed by the Firefox and the IE results.

Both Opera and Safari score 100% in our Acid3 tests, but not as quickly or as smoothly as Chrome. Safari experiences a brief hangup at 69% before completing the test with a perfect score. Opera also hangs, but at 26%. Because Acid3 requires not only a final score of 100%, but also an exact and smooth render, we have to declare Chrome the winner of this test, even though Opera and Safari also score 100%.

Mozilla Dromaeo DOM

This is the full DOM portion of the Mozilla Dromaeo Benchmark. This test takes the longest to complete by far, so we ran it three times instead of our usual five. The average of the three runs became our final score.

Both Opera and Internet Explorer twice locked up during the DOM Query portion of Mozilla's DOM Tests. A simple pause and subsequent re-run got the test going both times. However, IE eventually skipped at only 80% complete before moving on to the next portion of the test. Opera eventually skipped at around 95%. This occurred on all three iterations of this benchmark in both browsers.

Dromaeo DOM puts Chrome and Safari in a near tie for first, while Opera places third, despite it's errors. Firefox takes fourth, and IE predictably comes in last.

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