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Difficulty Focusing On Overclocking

Gigabyte Crowns An Overclocking Champion For 2010

14:20:20 - A welcome diversion, at least for the legions of photographers at the event: four Chinese beauties clad only in bikini tops and skimpy shorts, took the stage to introduce themselves.

14:41:13 - Matose finally lost his PiFast crown. However, the Romanian was a picture of consistency. While none of his benchmarks (PiFast: 13.920, SuperPI: 32.609, wPrime: 2.827, and MaxxMEM: 26105) ranked the highest, his scores were still high enough for him to maintain the overall lead. Yu Meng Yao of China (speedtime.wing) inherited top-dog PiFast status with 13.910. e-Killer grabbed the SuperPI crown with a 6:27.750 score. stephenyeong and American Michael Graf (mikeguava) were tied for first in the wPrime race with 2.749, while Belgium’s Pieter-Jan Plaisier (Massman) held the MaxxMEM fort with 26,741. With the competition more than halfway done, more benchmarks appeared on the scoreboard.

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