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HTPC Cases With LCD Screens: Bringing Bling

Before wrapping everything up, let's have one final all-inclusive look at the features of these cases:

Moneual 972Silverstone CW03Thermaltake DH 102
Approx price$550$700$520
Size (WxDxH)17"x 18.5" x 6.75"16.9" x 17.2" x 7.2"16.8" x 17.1" x 6"
Weight16.6 lbs17.64 lbs16.6 lbs
Cooling Fans2x 80mm4x 80mm1x 120mm, 2x 60mm
5.25" bays1 ext3 ext1 ext
3.5" bays4 int6 int3 int
I/O panelUSB, FireWire, Audio, Mic,  MS, SD, CF,SMN/A2x USB, FireWire,Audio, Mic
7" TouchscreeniMon OEM Touch LCDHitachi C100iMon OEM Touch LCD
Native Touchscreen res.800x480800x480800x480
Max Touchscreen res.1024x7681920x1080
Loudness39 db
46 db
42 db

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