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Cubitek Mini-Tank

DTX Lives! Four Double-Slot Cases For ITX Gaming Machines

New to the U.S. market, Cubitek had the good fortune to happen across one of its competitor’s chief designers just as that designer was transitioning from employee to freelancer. Hank Chen made the introduction for us.

You’ll see reminders of Hank’s style through various elements of the Mini-Tank, including the primary use of flat sheet and two-dimensional bends. The largest of today’s case, this one is designed as a full-function PC for those who want something smaller and more stylish than the traditional mid-tower.

The Mini-Tank is actually taller than most full-ATX motherboards, though its full-sized power supply bay occupies much of that space. A 120 mm exhaust fan is designed to assist full-sized tower-style CPU coolers, while a 140 mm top fan pulls air past those oversized parts.

Compactness is reserved exclusively for the motherboard, with up to four 3.5” hard drives supported by the Mini-Tank’s main cage.

Two 2.5” drives (presumably SSDs) fit under the hard drive cage’s mounting bracket.

A third 2.5” drive can be mounted to the base of the Mini-Tank’s 3.5” drive bay adapter. There’s even enough room to mount a 3.5” external drive (or bay device) above a 2.5” drive on this bracket.

A removable panel reveals the 140 mm intake fan and filter, requiring an included Allen wrench for removal.

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