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CPU Benchmarks: Clock Speeds And Multiple Cores

Resident Evil 5: Demo Performance Analyzed

In the previous performance benchmarks, Resident Evil 5 demonstrated a GPU dependency. Let's see how the older Core 2 Quad stacks up against the Core i7 in this game:

While the Core i7-920 shows a notable performance gain over the Core 2 Quad Q6600, all of the frame rates are smooth--the i7's advantage is more theoretical than practical. Aside from that, the game doesn't seem to be all that dependent on clock speed, with the Q6600 at a low 1.86 GHz still able to deliver 60 FPS.

How does the game perform with different numbers of CPU cores?

Resident Evil 5 seems extremely happy with at least three CPU cores, and performance drops sharply down when two cores are utilized. Gamers with single-core CPUs who wish to play Resident Evil 5 should probably consider an upgrade.

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