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128 KB Sequential Performance

Intel SSD 335 240 GB Review: Driving Down Prices With 20 nm NAND

Sequential Read Performance

Examples include file copying, transcoding, game level loading, some gameplay, watching video, and editing video

With the exception of Crucial’s m4, all of the drives we're including top out between 530 and 550 MB/s in sequential reads. That's the practical limit of what we can expect from SATA 6Gb/s, so don't expect to break past that barrier any time soon.

Dipping back to a queue depth of one is where we see the biggest differences between drives, though. Samsung’s 840 Pro serves us close to 410 MB/s, and the Vertex 4 isn't far behind. In comparison, the SSD 335 (like other SandForce-based SSDs) starts out around 310 MB/s and only manages to beat that m4 drive.

Sequential Write Performance

Examples include Application Installation, Document Backup

In many ways, the graph of sequential write performance looks a lot like the chart for sequential reads. At a queue depth of one, the SSD 330, 335, and 520 all deliver about 350 MB/s and eventually top out around 510 MB/s.

Although Monster’s 240 GB Daytona eventually hits the same ceiling, it starts a bit lower and doesn't scale up as quickly. Meanwhile, Samsung's 840 Pro tops the chart again.

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