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Benchmark Results: Synthetics

Zotac's Ion Board On Windows 7: Nvidia Re-Arms Intel’s Atom

Right away we see the limitations of Atom in a desktop environment. Across the board, AMD’s mainstream desktop dual-core chip puts a significant lead over Intel’s 8W netbook processor.

The roles reverse, as 3DMark puts its emphasis squarely on 3D performance. With this synthetic taking Intel’s Atom processor out of the picture to the best of its ability, Nvidia’s graphics technology overtakes AMD’s aging Radeon HD 3200-class GPU in the suite and GPU scores. Dropping down to the CPU chart reveals the extent to which the Athlon X2 is quicker.

In all three of our Sandra benchmarks, which tax the arithmetic and multi-media capabilities of the host processors, AMD’s dual-core Athlon X2 comes out ahead. And while both platforms employ dual-channel DDR2 memory controllers, AMD’s integrated logic (supporting DDR2-1066) pushes quite a bit more data than the Atom/IGP combination.

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