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Graphics Cards - Page 47


Avoid gaming bottlenecks and keep your system balanced with the latest information about Graphics Cards. From reviews of today’s hottest GPUs to do-it-yourself guides on overclocking, we have everything you need to know.

news - DECEMBER 30 55

Intel's next IGP is geared towards the mainstream and casual gamer.

news - DECEMBER 29 87

Hold on to this Fermi until March, will ya?

reviews - DECEMBER 28 94

DiRT 2 promises to be one of the first compelling games to make use of DirectX 11 enhancements. We have a look at the title, its presentation, and its performance in this month's game analysis, comparing...

news - DECEMBER 22 40

Could you imagine exploring Rapture or scoring multi-kills in an iPhone game?

news - DECEMBER 19 68

Nvidia's way past diplomacy now.

news - DECEMBER 17 27

Tegra 2 is coming at CES. Get ready for something more hardcore than the Zune HD.

news - DECEMBER 17 42

Nvidia Chief weighs in on Intel's FTC strife.

news - DECEMBER 17 103

Nvidia says it isn't worried about AMD's current lead in DirectX 11.

news - DECEMBER 11 55

Nvidia pokes at Intel's Insides.

news - DECEMBER 9 49

Intel figures that two heads are better than one, so why not use both?

reviews - DECEMBER 9 91

ATI's new Radeon HD 5870 is a powerful card at stock speeds. However, its 40nm manufacturing process just begs to be overclocked. PowerColor's liquid-cooled model gives us a great opportunity to see just how...

news - DECEMBER 8 37

Making a parallel computing chip is hard, says Nvidia.

news - DECEMBER 8 19

AMD to demonstrate the third dimension.

news - DECEMBER 7 30

Unreal Engine programmer thinks Larrabee could have been something cool.

news - DECEMBER 7 76

Intel officials say that Larrabee is being delayed indefinitely.

reviews - DECEMBER 7 120

Increasing prices on the most popular graphics card and low availability mark (or mar?) this holiday season, changing some of our recommendations. Also, we're affected by the introduction of a new king of the...

news - DECEMBER 5 9

Holiday gift shopping can be very stressful. Thanks to our sponsors, Logic Buy, you can get it all over with quickly and painlessly! And don't forget, it's always way more fun if you follow the "one for them,...

news - DECEMBER 4 56

Happy that your video card costs more than a console... or two?

news - DECEMBER 3 35

Those with fancy video cards be proud!

news - NOVEMBER 25 61

Is your PC power massive enough to be effective?

news - NOVEMBER 25 43

Soon your GPU can flex its muscles while you're surfing too.

news - NOVEMBER 24 50

I remember drooling over NEC's 43-inch curved monitor, the CRVD, last June. Now that display has an Ostendo label and it's just as breathtaking as ever.

reviews - NOVEMBER 24 70

Can you hit the performance level of the next-fastest GPU by overclocking your graphics card? What is the impact on power consumption? Can your cooler take the extra heat? We overclock three modern graphics...

news - NOVEMBER 19 36

It makes Flashy things run smoother.

news - NOVEMBER 18 55

Not bad if you have $600 sitting around.

news - NOVEMBER 18 11

It's the first 3D Vision notebook heading your way before Christmas. Ho ho ho!