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Software - Page 76


What is the best free anti-virus, the perfect software for data backup, or the best photo editing application? Tom's Hardware offers regular themed selections to keep you informed and help you make the best choice.

news - APRIL 18 92

Windows 8 on a stick.

news - APRIL 17 38

It's the creepy wallpaper again!

news - APRIL 16 55

Keith Curtis joins us once again for a discussion on Linux. A year ago, he spoke of How Linux Could Achieve Faster World Domination. Now he's back with a more focused view on just what Linux needs to pull...

news - APRIL 16 32

There were mixed views on where the industry is heading at ECGC 2011 this week, signaling a big change on the horizon.

news - APRIL 15 77

During ECGC 2011, famed game developer Mark Cerny indicates that the console slump over the last two years could be just a "hiccup" or the sign on an impending market crash.

news - APRIL 15 82

Talk to the hand because the Vista don't understand.

news - APRIL 14 36

Look out tablets, you could be getting Windows!

news - APRIL 14 23

Shh... let's not leak our hard work.

news - APRIL 14 34

Mind those attachments.

news - APRIL 13 54

The Windows 8 talk has really been heating up over the last week or so and today brings speculation about a possible release date for the OS.

news - APRIL 13 33

A perfect 10, I'd say.

news - APRIL 13 49

It’s been 18 months since Windows 7 hit retail availability and Microsoft will this week be celebrating the fact that it’s finally the most popular OS in the United States.

news - APRIL 13 20

Multiplayer support is typically a decision made by the team based on the current Elder Scrolls chapter.

news - APRIL 12 39

When you talk about an App Store, right now that usually points to something Apple-related. Apple would love the trademark to that name, but Amazon's fighting that with its own "Appstore" and so is Microsoft...

news - APRIL 11 26

A Mass Effect MMOG "makes sense" claims BioWare's Casey Hudson.

news - APRIL 11 63

Looks like Crytek was working on a DirectX 11 patch for Crysis 2 despite previous denials.

news - APRIL 11 109

Penguin says that it is bigger than a puppy.

news - APRIL 9 54

No more need for Adobe Reader or even Fox It

news - APRIL 8 20

Blizzard's three mods for StarCraft 2 have finally gone live for all to play within the popular sci-fi RTS.

news - APRIL 8 23

Minecraft is expected to go "retail" this November, although it won't be much different than what's offered during prior weeks.

news - APRIL 8 57

It can't match your clothes.

news - APRIL 8 19

Like Duke Nukem Forever, Dungeon Siege 3 needs a bit more polish before going public.

news - APRIL 8 8

Cyan Worlds has thrown open the Myst Online doors for new developers and writers.

news - APRIL 8 42

GNOME 3.0 is a complete overhaul of the popular Linux desktop, designed for today's streamlined user and hardware.

news - APRIL 7 83

It's baaaaaaaaaack!

news - APRIL 7 26

Minecraft is still in beta, and it's already brought home $33 million USD after taxes and PayPal fees.