'Hitman' Heads To Italy As IO Interactive Shows Off Sapienza Map

With the final details out on its new release date and content rollout, IO Interactive now turns its attention to generating excitement for the next Hitman game with a short video montage of a new location: Sapienza, Italy.

The coastal town seems massive, full of small streets jam-packed between large clusters of apartments adorned with the traditional Tuscan roofing. The town also includes space for a cafe, a few churches, and even a nice golf course. However, Agent 47's mission is to take down a new target who seems to live in the area, as evidenced by the large and fancy villa overlooking the city.

With Sapienza's surroundings, 47 can use a variety of tactics to take down the target. He can sneak past guards to get an up close and personal kill, or scale one of the taller buildings in the area, such as the clock tower or a crumbling structure to get a distant yet concealed vantage point.

Sapienza is the second of three sandbox maps available when the game comes out on March 11. Earlier this year, the developers showed off the first sandbox map (Paris, France). Both locations will provide players the opportunity to take on various hits through Contracts Mode, where one player kills one of the many targets on the map by their own methods and challenges other players to do the same.

A third location is also included in the initial offering: Marrakesh, Morocco. Between these three areas, including six campaign missions and weekly events, IO Interactive wants players to know that the seemingly small batch of content at launch still allows for exploration and many targets to kill in the new world of Agent 47.


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  • HyperMatrix
    Ugh....such low poly count models, and blurry textures. I'm hoping this footage is from the console version of the game. Because I don't remember the pre-alpha build that I tested a few months ago having these issues.