Efficiency Analysis: Core i3 Trumps Atom On The Desktop

Benchmark Results: Applications

Rendering our default image is a piece of cake on the Core i3. Thanks to its computing horsepower, the i3-530 crunches the image in less than seven minutes. The new Atom D510 takes roughly four times longer, and the Atom 230 requires almost six times longer.

3ds Max benefits from better thread optimization, which is not the case for the creation of a 115-page PDF out of Microsoft PowerPoint 2007. This process executes in 1:38 on the Core i3, but it takes almost eight and nine minutes on our two Atoms.

More frustrating facts await in the Photoship CS4 benchmark. Our image filtering scenario applies six built-in Photoshop filters to a 69MB TIF image. This takes less than four minutes on the Core i3-530. Run this operation on the Atoms and you'll have time to eat lunch.

Fritz is a chess game that delivers better performance with every megahertz and processing core it can get. However, the results show clearly that Atom isn’t here to sprint. Only play chess on an Atom if you’re after a game of relaxation, not competition.