All of Amazon's Kindle Fire Tablets Are Ad-supported

Amazon yesterday enjoyed its moment in the spotlight, announcing an entire new line of Kindle products. These ranged from brand new products (what's up, Kindle Fire HD?) to revamps of old devices. However, one thing that you may not have gathered from deluge of Kindle coverage was that Amazon has decided to double down on its ad-supported Kindle model.

Previously, Amazon had offered the Kindle, the Kindle Touch, the Kindle Fire, and an ad-supported version of the base model for a discounted price. However, since yesterday's launch event it has emerged that all three models of Kindle Fire (the Kindle Fire, and both sizes of Kindle Fire HD) will be ad-supported. This means you'll see special offers or deals as a screensaver on your device.

The descriptions of the Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD both include the following:

"Includes special offers and sponsored screensavers." When you click 'Learn More,' Amazon explains that these offers will appear on the lock screen and lower left hand corner of the home screen but won't interrupt use of the device. A note at the end of this pop-up reveals that only U.S. customers will be subjected to ad-supported Kindle Fires. "Kindle with Special Offers & Sponsored Screensavers is only available in the U.S.," it reads.

So, when the Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD launch in Europe on October 25, users won't have to put up with sponsored screensavers. Unfortunately, it looks like U.S. customers may have to buy their Kindle Fires overseas if they want to avoid sponsored screensavers.

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  • Anonymous
    What about Canadians?
  • demmue
    You know what? I don't even mind. I had the option to buy my last Kindle with or without ads and I chose the ads because I've gotten a few good coupons from them. I'm in the same boat here, why would I care if the screen saver is an ad if every once in awhile it benefits me (beyond keeping the hardware prices low).
  • Anonymous
    No option to purchase an ad-free version is a super fail. I'll just stick with my faster Nexus 7 that can be as add free as I like. These Fire's needed to be completely add-free and at the listed prices to succeed against the stiff competition. Who wants to look at a movie or book advert every time they unlock their screen and ALSO have an advert icon in the bottom left hand corner of their home screen that "doesn't interrupt use of the device"?