Snow Leopard Shipping Aug. 28, Pre-order Now

Those of you who have anxiously been waiting for the day when you can finally secure yourself a copy of Apple's latest operating system, Mac OS X 10.6, or Snow Leopard, can pre-order today.

Apple has announced that Snow Leopard will go on sale next Friday, August 28 in retail stores and online, as per last week's rumors. Those of you who wish to buy can pre-order here.

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  • tayb
    Ordered it. Just waiting on Windows 7 now but I'll pick up a copy of Ultimate from the bookstore for a whopping $7 whenever it is finally released.
  • maaksel
    Why are there so many freakin' Apple announcements? Honestly? Lets make for those that care, k?
  • antilycus
    yawn, whats different about it? NOTHING just another apple tax to slow down my aged dual 1.0ghz PPC system that costs me 3500 bucks and was outdated 2 weeks after buying it.